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Am I A Good Friend to My Husband?

Let me start by saying that I think this movie is great! It has so many honest and raw moments that take place in marriage and divorce that were executed tastefully and with transparency. Without too many spoilers, because this movie is definitely worth watching, I want to quickly list my top three scenes: 1- […]

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Need to Keep Kids Busy?

Make them a busy bin! Spring Break is here, or very close to coming, but unfortunately, it seems like all of those play dates, excursions and beach days we had planned are postponed until further notice. However, your child’s energy level and attention span didn’t get the memo! How do you keep them busy, engaged […]

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People are celebrating Thanksgiving day

The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner if your Hosting, that has Nothing to do with Cooking

Level: Beginner   Total Time: Probably All Day         Yield: For all your favorite family members. Prep: Don’t invest too much time in this; your house will end up looking like a mess as soon as the first guest arrives.   Inactive: This time does not exist; you will be active and on […]

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Entertainment on the Skinny: “Free Entrance” Ideas to Pass Time with Kiddos

As a parent, I value the structure, rigor, and discipline that school instills on my child. School is a wonderful place for students’ to be encouraged, guided and taught how to navigate the social structure we live our lives through. However, in order for schools to properly accomplish these tasks, they must implement a strict […]

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