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Our Front Line Heroes: Meet Jessica Exantus

Fort Lauderdale Moms Blog is honored to pay tribute to our frontline heroes in the midst of this global pandemic. We do not need reminding that May 6-12th is Nurses Week. This year, Jessica our first featured nurse said it best, “2020 is the year of the Nurse“! We couldn’t have said it better Jessica, you’re absolutely […]

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Introducing #OurFrontlineHeroes: A Tribute Series

Today is definitely a different world as we are faced with many new challenges navigating the realities of COVID-19 and how it affects our lives personally and professionally. For some of us, it’s our job to stay-at-home and work, while others have to rush into the face of danger. Our frontline workers have quickly turned […]

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Grit and Grace_Lindsey

Grace and Growing: When your Baby Outgrows the China Cabinet

There’s this stage that we do not talk about. It’s the stage in between my beautiful sweet baby and toddler. We’ve conquered baby swaddling, those tiny-tiny snuggles, and the running rambling toddlers; but, what about the few solid months in-between? There’s this stage where every mom thinks, where’s my little baby. What’s happening to my […]

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Water & My Mini-Me: How Bubbles Became our Main Squeeze

Nothing puts water safety on the map like living on a peninsula, welcome to Florida! We do not have our own pool so some people may think “why do you need to think about swim lessons right now?” It’s simple…babies, confidence and being comfortable with water in any situation is my priority. We have friends […]

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