mom and newborn

Holding Time

Ava, it’s 4:30am and although there’s a sleepless world out there it’s just me and you in this house. There’s a dog in the living room that seems to shake off bad dreams from time to time but that’s it…so I thought of telling you a few things about time, our time. After I lost […]

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relax momma

Relax, Momma. You Got This!

As moms we all know things get crazy, schedules get busy and every day is not as smooth as planned. To do lists get longer and longer but the day only has 24 hours. Wake up exhausted because you can’t remember what it’s like to sleep throughout the entire night. Change diapers, make breakfast, set […]

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Potty Training :: Ready, Set Go!

Although a lot of time had passed since I potty-trained my oldest child, eight years ago more or less, it was an easy transition with her so I figured I’d give it a go with my youngest child who had just turned two years old. He was showing signs of readiness such as understanding bathroom lingo, […]

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The Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Co-Sleeping and the Positive Sides from Real Life Moms There are so many articles, studies and blog posts on the safety concerns related to co-sleeping and how co-sleeping negatively affects your child’s development, what’s a mom to do? From professional to family and friends chiming in on what to do when it comes to sleep and […]

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