Homeschooling (2)

School Choice | Home Schooling Expectations

Every single one of us are homeschoolers. We begin by being their teacher from day 1. So, you’ve homeschooled if you’ve taught your kid anything. It begins with “baby tricks.” What does a cow say. “moooooo” What does a dog say? “Wooof!” What does a horse say, “Wilber!” Of course for those who don’t remember […]

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Nurse showing patient donating own blood her blood plasm

The Real Effect of Coronavirus & What We Can Do TODAY To Help!

There are several points of focus lately in the media, but the pinpointed issue is one we’re all dealing with in different ways, coronavirus. It’s crazy to think that we went from living our fast-paced, normal, everyday lives to a life of caution, regulations, and uncertainty. Some of us were affected when it came to […]

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#NewQT Learning Enough is Enough

  Mom’s celebrate their special day this month. We should, however, celebrate the NEW in us this month. Most of us have explored aspects of ourselves we never knew existed. You’ve been able to experience what I’ve lived for 30 years, and that’s being a “stay at home mom.” Not so glamorous as some big […]

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