Mommy Minute Makeup: Beauty Steals to help you SAVE those DOLLAR$

There’s really nothing wrong with trying to make ends meet. Some of us are shy about finances or where we shop for stuff, and honestly, it’s no one’s business. Being that I go through tons of materials and tons of products when I have big events, I love to stock up! Here are some of […]

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Waterproof Makeup! Swimming or Not!

Summer Lovin’ or Year ‘Round Heat Survival in Florida Welcome to the wonderful world of chasing after your children in the summer heat. I could almost swear the summer wasn’t this hot as a kid. Trying to make an impression that I had it together and looked great wasn’t nearly as hard as it is […]

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Kids Who Wear Eyeglasses: The Importance of Children’s Eye Health and Care

I was just six years old when I started using eyeglasses. I remember learning about the benefits of carrots and how eating them regularly may improve my eye vision. I was practically part rabbit. However; no matter how many carrots I ate my vision was either stable or worse at each check-up throughout my childhood. […]

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Water Safety: Information Every Family Needs to Know

Water Safety Information Every Family Needs to Know May is the official kick-off of summer with Memorial Day celebrated and is also National Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Month. Every adult should know basic water safety information and teach their children the basic skills on how to keep them safe and prevent an accident. As a […]

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