Feeling the pressure of “Should Be”

Moms, from the day you found out you were pregnant, there’s been a number of people sharing their advice with you. So much so, that by the time your baby is a toddler you’ve probably heard a million things your child “should be” doing at some point or another during their development. The question marks […]

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T-I-M-E: Simple Steps to let Children Know You Love Them

When it comes to letting children know you love them, you can never go wrong with showing it through action. The more specific expressions you do, the better. Concrete examples help children understand what the experience is all about. Author and speaker Zig Ziglar once said that “Children spell ‘love’ T-I-M-E.” There’s no question that […]

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<strong>Photo Credit</strong>: <em>Sarana Minick</em>, Coach and Team: Pembroke Pines Paranas

Going Beyond Being a “Good Sport”

The conduct of parents at sporting events and practices has changed with times and so has the scrutiny around good sportsmanship. We as parents or guardians have our good days and bad days. In all sports, whether it’s competitive or recreation, aggressive parents are an issue. Parents often fight with coaches and berate kids, their […]

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Muscle. Do you have it? “Mom Hustle” (MUSCLE)

Are you a mother? Do you hustle through your day trying to be all things to all people and have nothing left for yourself? First, I am a woman, I love music, free thought, I am a small business owner and a healer. I am also, a mother to four beautiful children and pregnant with my fifth. […]

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jumpstart your week

Jumpstart Your Week

Do you start to suffer from the case of the Monday Blues when Sunday rolls around? I certainly have! It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset and created new habits that I learned to manage my Sundays in order to make the best of a new week.  This is how I do it… Start off Slow […]

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