Getting Our Guac On!

Greenest Guacamole Recipe | Look I’m A Cook My daughter unfortunately got a little spoiled with random Amazon packages showing up at our door with her name on it over the last few months from grandparents who couldn’t see her in person. One of the boxes, though, had a treat of a present for both […]

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Nurse showing patient donating own blood her blood plasm

The Real Effect of Coronavirus & What We Can Do TODAY To Help!

There are several points of focus lately in the media, but the pinpointed issue is one we’re all dealing with in different ways, coronavirus. It’s crazy to think that we went from living our fast-paced, normal, everyday lives to a life of caution, regulations, and uncertainty. Some of us were affected when it came to […]

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Apps To Help Make Parenting Easier

Parenting is hard. Luckily though, we are not alone. Many other people have embarked on this journey before us, and some of them created mobile apps to make our lives just a little bit easier! Here are some of my favorites: During Pregnancy, and beyond What to Expect – The What to Expect App took […]

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