Spring Break Fever – Beating the Rain with Indoor Yoga

SPRING BREAK is here! That means that some of us have our hands full with the kids at home this week and next week too! Normally the sun is bright, the weather is perfect, and everyone wants to be outside. But what about those rainy days where you’re trying to keep the kids entertained indoors? If you are like me you still have lots to get accomplished, rain or shine. Here are some creative, relaxing fun ways to make your day a little easier and get the kids moving with some fun springtime yoga. This will help you refocus your energy so you are able to tackle that to-do list like a champ and calm the inner kiddos spring fever as well.

Below are my go-to easy yoga pose ideas that you can do with your kids at any level! They are a great way to encourage movement and mindfulness in children.


Frog (Squat) Pose

Frog Pose

Malasana Pose

Bring feet shoulder width apart and slowly lower yourself into a squat position. Bring palms together in prayer pressing elbows against knees to open your hips and heart.






Flower Pose 

Start in a seated position bend your legs bringing the soles of your feet together. Lift your knees off the ground and weave your arms under your legs and wiggle our fingers pretend to blossom like a flower.




Tree Pose

spring break tree pose

Mommy & Me tree pose at the beach.

Start standing tall on both feet then begin bending one knee bringing the sole of your foot to rest on the inner thigh of the opposite leg. Sway like a tree in the wind here for a breath keeping the hands on your waist for added support or bring palms into prayer at the heart

(Repeat on the opposite side)



Bee (Hero) Pose 

Coming down into a seated position fold your knees so that your bottom is resting on your heels.  Lift your arms and wiggle your fingers while using your breath to (buzz) like a bee.








Waterfall Pose 

Kids Yoga Pose Waterfall

Waterfall Pose

Standing tall with feet together lift arms up to the sky and slowly bend from the waist down bringing your arms to waterfall towards the ground reaching for your toes.





These are some of my go-to yoga poses whenever we are stuck indoors but need to redirect some of our energy. I pull out the yoga mats that we keep in a corner of our family room, then get the kids moving! It really helps them and me, to refocus and calm down so that we are all in a better mood. Practicing just a few of these poses or all of them defiantly makes a huge difference in our day. Momma, if you find yourself stuck inside this spring break with the kids, don’t let it drive yourself crazy, refocus and try out these yoga poses to quiet the chaos.  

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