Start Couponing and Have FUN

Who wants to save? You always say you should start couponing, but you never find the time. Will you sit and clip coupons to save hundreds of dollars?

How much can you actually save? It all depends on what you set your goal amount that week!

As an entrepreneur, mom of two girls and a super busy schedule everyone always asks me “where do I find the time to coupon?” I developed a few fun strategies that anyone can start in their life if they are interested in the world of couponing.

I love the fact that my girls love couponing with me. I have learned how to incorporate it and we make it a fun learning experience with them. Kids today are so techie these days, my daughter says to me “oh mom how about I subscribe and get you another $1.00 coupon”. I am literally staring at her in awe thinking to myself “that’s a pretty darn good idea!”


Making It Work:

Gone are the days when you could save a penny here and there with coupons. Now, you can save some serious cash. Once you get a good start on your coupons, it’s pretty easy to end up with an $18 bill for over $100 of groceries. And that’s on just one trip to the store!

Clipping coupons doesn’t have to be a chore! Check out my savings series for more detailed information but I’ll just list a few!

Use these tips to have fun while you’re saving money:

  • Obtain a divided coupon container. A great coupon container has different sections in it so you can sort your coupons easily. This makes it less frustrating to find the ones that you want when you need them.


  • Set a time each week for your coupon clipping. Find a time when you’re relaxed and ready to have fun.


  • Include your family or friends. Invite your loved ones over for a get-together to clip coupons and share them with each other.


  • Play your favorite music. Music will get you in the mood for having fun.


  • Netflix, Netflix & Coupon Clipping! The time will FLY!


  • Remember to have snacks! Eat plenty of healthy snacks and get excited about your new savings!


  • Gather coupons from a variety of sources. Use newspapers and mail circulars. Check the many couponing sites on the Internet and the sites of brands and retailers you like. Check all your bills for any coupons that might have been enclosed in them.


  • Keep rewards and cashback offers in mind. Thinking of your savings as you’re clipping the coupons gives you an incentive to keep searching for more.


  • Saving money by clipping coupons can be a lot of fun! Every dollar you save is another dollar you have for something else or to just add to your savings so the rewards are worth the effort.

The next time you feel like its an overwhelming thing to do I encourage you to start with one of these tips and you will love it onceyou get started. I mean who doesn’t love to save money?

Mom Win: I have my girls’ clip coupons while I incorporate math at the same time. The little one adds them and the older one does her multiplications with them!

I hope you enjoyed these “warm” up tips to get you ready for coupon clipping success. Stay tuned because my full series on savings is back by popular demand! 

Stay tuned and Happy Savings!


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