Jumpstart Your Week

Do you start to suffer from the case of the Monday Blues when Sunday rolls around? I certainly have! It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset and created new habits that I learned to manage my Sundays in order to make the best of a new week. 

This is how I do it…

Start off Slow
On Sundays, I take a break from waking up to an alarm…the one on my phone that is. If it’s not the sun then it’s my son I can count on for a wake-up call. Rather than jumping out of bed to tackle my tasks I start off slow and just go with the flow. Living in the moment versus racing against the clock allows me to set the tone for a positive and productive week ahead.

Set Goals
Setting goals is the best way to manage the never-ending to-do list. I sort my list by categories then batch them into a series of daily tasks to work on throughout the week. Having a clear vision of your goals and breaking them down helps to keep you focused and motivated.  

Create Occasions
Once I’ve completed my lists it’s time to schedule the tasks into my calendar. It’s so easy to get distracted or make excuses so by creating occasions for your tasks you’re putting them into existence and being reminded when its time to take action.  

jumpstart your week

Meal Prep

Preparing meals in advance is a total game changer! I create the menu for the week based on what I still have stocked up and then update my grocery list with what I may need or want for the days to come. I’ve found that even prepping just some of the main ingredients to a meal is a time-saving hack. You can still stay ahead of the game without preparing individual meals though. Another option is to wash, slice, or dice fruits and vegetables for example. You’ll be able to just throw things in your cooking dish or grab a healthy snack.

Plan Ahead
You can never be too sure of how mornings will play out when you have kids so staying one step ahead with even the smallest tasks makes me feel like I’m in control of the week. Things like setting your outfits aside or putting together your lunch the night before are ways to save time in the mornings and enjoy the moments that would otherwise be so fast-paced.

Rest and Relax
While the key to having a successful week is to get a head start during the weekend, it’s important to remember to rest and relax as well. Feeling refreshed allows us to get through the motions of each day mentally and physically. Always treat yourself to some downtime. No week is the same as the one before however; preparation plays a big role in making our day-to-day manageable and enjoyable. Take time to jumpstart your week. Being organized creates a space for the people and things that truly matter in our lives.

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