Cleaning Up Your Act


Sometimes everything just seems so overwhelming. The laundry basket is full, the floors are dirty, the kids are never satisfied, and you are just absolutely drained and exhausted. Makeup? It honestly seems unreasonable and unimaginative to find the forty-nine minutes that you think you need to get ready. It probably used to take you forty minutes if not more, and your husband or significant other used to be annoyed with you before you even left the house asking what took so long?

Newsflash, you don’t need that amount of time, or at least not all at once. With just a few cheap products and some organized planning, fashion and feeling fabulous is right around the corner! If the thought is still so far fetched you would just rather do nothing at all, don’t fret, I’m here to help you change that. 

How to Prepare 

I am sure every one of you that’s reading this has makeup somewhere. Whether it’s in a bag, a kaboodle, the top drawer in your bathroom or just in your purse, you know it’s there and it’s yours. Some of you may know where you got the makeup from, others haven’t a clue. Someone told you to buy it, the ladies at the store said it was good, one of your friends decided to join some awesome online makeup pyramid sales scam, and the reality is you have no idea what’s actually in the products. You bought it though because it’s their favorite and you are their friend. (Along with a pair of leggings and some bitcoins) 

I can actually almost bet money on it that most of you don’t know how old it is and how long you have had it? Makeup has a shelf life of about six months to a year depending on how clean you are. Everyone’s body has growing organisms on it…oils, germs, dirt, it’s all inevitable. In Florida with the heat, it’s even worse, the amount of bacteria that can multiply and grow on any one surface of your makeup products is insane.

So just like a new relationship, we are going to start from scratch. If you can’t remember where it’s from and how long you’ve had it, it’s time to part with it.


THROW OUT ANY OLD MAKEUP YOU HAVE !!!! If you can’t seem to part with it, please clean it with rubbing alcohol in a bottle spray with a mist and clean cloth.

Up next, clean your brushes! We can’t start a relationship with dirt from the past. Get a plastic cup put some Dial Soap or any kind of dish soap with antibacterial properties, and pour it in a cup, careful not to soak the brushes because the bristles will come unglued. The correct method is to rub them around in the cup and run them through hot water until the water is clear.

Once you have done this to all of your brushes, you will need to take some of that fancy alcohol you were sterilizing your makeup that you are hoarding, and put that in a second cup and gently dip the brushes in the alcohol. You don’t want to blow dry the brushes cause the glue will once again come undone. Don’t leave them out to dry cause they will smell, you must spritz and add the alcohol for a fast natural drying method. 


ALWAYS CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES at least once a month (every two weeks is best) 

Whatcha Need 

Basically, I’m going to tell you everything I’m going to be using and you can determine what you may or may not want to get. I’m not a brand name snob, and to be honest I have everything under the sun times ten. Basically in a basic makeup kit you need…….. something to these effects 

1. Wipes / face / butt / who cares 

2. Toner / rose water / grape water/ witch hazel 

3. Primer / pore refiner / something with retinol 

4.  spf / foundation (2 tones) / face cream 

5. Concealer / color correction /highlighter 

6. Blush/ contour / powder / bronzer

7. Eyeliner / mascara / eyeshadows 

8. Lip liner / lipstick / stain / gloss 

9. Tweezers / eyelash curlers 

10. Setting Spray 

Here’s a link to my Amazon top picks. They are cheap items that I use regularly and I’ve found that they are worth every penny and work amazingly! Don’t skip the disposable applicators, so handy. I love using them when I know I’m going to be busy and my brushes aren’t as clean as I need them to be. They are always good to have on hand because you don’t want your face to break out.

Clearing It Up

One of the most common complaints I hear is that we are still experiencing acne. Sure stress has something to do with it, and the fact that you just grew a human like an alien 👽 and your hormones are out of whack, acne is easy to get!

After cleaning your brushes and throwing away the makeup that’s older than your kids, the final step to the Mommy Minute makeup for this blog would be to pay attention to how often you wash and change your pillowcase. 

Let’s be honest…we don’t wash our hair every day, some of us smoke, go into smokey places, work in a restaurant, go to the gym, and hardly clean our hair. Then we come home and put our heads on our pillows and yes ALL those AWESOME GERMS are attached to our hair. We lay our heads on our awesome pillows and roll around placing our face all over it. Hence…grounds for a breakout!

Or when we actually do wash our hair…we go to sleep with it wet, full of leave-in conditioners, beautiful smelly stuff, oils, or whatever else we put in there. Then when it’s been styled we lay right where all the hair sprays and where we had our wet head the night before. Not the smartest, but who knew !!! 


Wash your pillowcase or change your pillowcase once a week to prevent the wet hair and conditioner, and the germs from the outside world from breeding on your skin while you sleep. So gross!

I hope these simple helpful tips will get you started in the right track to taking a few minutes a day or even a week to take care of yourself! 

Looking forward to many more Mommy Minute Makeups and future steps to growing this relationship! 



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