Introducing #OurFrontlineHeroes: A Tribute Series

Today is definitely a different world as we are faced with many new challenges navigating the realities of COVID-19 and how it affects our lives personally and professionally. For some of us, it’s our job to stay-at-home and work, while others have to rush into the face of danger. Our frontline workers have quickly turned into our heroes as many of them have held the hands of our loved ones when we couldn’t.  

As we decided to launch #OurFrontLineHeroes Tribute Series, our hearts filled with so much appreciation, accompanied by a deep yearning to do more. We know that the effects of this global pandemic may not be felt right away by our frontline heroes (because you are “going through it” and so focused on others and not yourself), but it will creep-up and when it hits home we want you to know we’re here for you!

Fort Lauderdale Moms Blog is proud to partner with Wellspring Living, Joy Acaso (A Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Anxiety Support Coach) to bring all our frontline heroes a place especially for them. This is an open invitation to join a support group created just for you. It is our goal through this partnership to serve you when you need us, just like you’ve served your community…let us support you! Feel free to join anytime. Even heroes can’t do their job alone and that’s ok. We got you!

Thank you for your hard work!

We admire you, support you, and are thankful for YOU!

Collectively, we will get through this!

Recognize and honor the Moms and Frontline workers in your life by using #OurFrontlineHeroes to nominate someone or send us an email: info{at}

Looking for helpful resources to support your family during this time?

Check out Navigating The Normal: Your Resource Guide to Managing Today, it is packed full of information and updated weekly!

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