Keeping Toddlers Engaged and Entertained – Spring Break and Beyond…Broward’s Best!

Being a stay at home mom comes with so many rewards, but it goes without saying that it is a lot of work! Having to keep up your daily responsibilities: working (for those of us that work from home), self-care, and mastering everyone’s schedules…it goes without saying that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs — and even more so with a toddler in tow.

Once my preschooler is at school the rest of my day is left to spend with a very active toddler. As a parent, it is so important that I keep her occupied with a variety of activities that will aid in her development at the same time helps me get my to-do list complete.

Below, I have put together five activities that I like to do with my toddler during the daytime, throughout the week. Some weeks we try to do at least two on this list and some weeks we don’t get to any. What I like about them is that they are quick and easy activities that can happen any day of the week really. Even if you are not a stay at home mom like me, these are all activities you can still do with your toddlers on days when you may have a day off or free time. I also encourage my husband to do some of these activities with both kids on his day off so that he gets a chance to spend time with them too.


Toddler Activies for daytime


This one is the most obvious but it is the most effective way to keep your toddler busy during the day and allows them to burn off some of that energy. It allows both you and your toddler an opportunity to enjoy the fresh and exercise. Both of my kids love climbing the play areas, swings, and slides.

Mom Tip: Bring a yoga mat, weights, or just start running in circles to get some exercise in while your toddler plays. You’d be surprised to see that they just may join in on the fun exercise.


Visit your local libraries for toddler storytime offerings, this is a valuable mom resource in my opinion. This is another activity that gets both mom and toddler out of the house; it allows your toddler to interact with other kids their age and you with other moms. Storytime at a local library is so beneficial for toddlers. It gives them an opportunity to take part in circle time, learn to sit quietly, listen to the story, and engage with other kids.

Mom tip: It’s a great place to meet other stay-at-home mom’s or parents. Don’t be afraid to say hello to another mom, it’ll help with my next toddler activity.


Try to schedule a playdate with another mom who has a toddler. This can beneficial to both you and your toddler. It gives you something different to do during the day and allows you to meet other parents in your neighborhood. Playdates are also a great way for toddlers to learn how to share and communicate with other kids.

Mom tip:  Don’t be afraid to host a playdate first. I’m sure that the other mom will be grateful.  Also, take turns with other moms, this could lead to a great supportive relationship.



My kids enjoying sensory play in the sand. Young At Art Children’s Museum

There are numerous children museums right in our backyard and it would be silly not to explore them. They give hands-on experiences for toddlers like sensory activities that engage your child’s five sense. The great thing about museums is that they offer a learning playground for kids without them even realize it they are learning. As a parent, this is my favorite activities to do with my toddlers because of the benefits that my kids gain. Doing so allows them to think creatively, promotes memory development, and helps them apply their experiences in life.

Mom tip: Look for museum day offerings at your local museums and think outside of the box.  Find activities that are going to attract toddlers and use of all their senses. So many museums offer classes or mommy and me activities, call ahead and plan your week accordingly.

There are so many museums in the South Florida area to choose from. Here are three of my favorites that I have talked about on my blog, Young At Art Museum,  Miami Children’s Museum, and Museum of Discovery & Science.

Organized Play Center

organized palycenters

Rian enjoying free play at MyGymPlantation

One way I kept my toddler busy before he started preschool was to sign up for organized classes it allows them to get all that extra energy they have out. These classes are great because they offer activities like gymnastics, dance, and independent play. What I like about these types of classes is that they help build motor skills, balance, strength, coordination, and self-confidence in our toddlers.


Mom Tip:  When choosing classes for a toddler, I like mornings best!

The best way to find one of these organized play centers is through another mom. A friend of mine recommended MyGym Plantation and it has been our families favorite places for our toddlers.

These are a few toddler actives that I’ve used myself since becoming a mom. Sometimes in sheer desperation, but let’s face it keeping a toddler entertained is not an easy task.  At the end of the day, I know how busy being a mom can be and I hope that sharing my experiences and tips along the way can help your days feel a little smoother and keep our tiny humans entertained.

Enjoy them as they grow and get yourself a few minutes of peace and quiet too!!!

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