Little RV Near the Beach: “Be THAT Mom Whose Kids Remember as Making Life Fun”

Quarantine creates a new perspective. Our grandparents went to war. Now I’m a grandparent and I go to the fridge. Cold AC, pantry is packed and more movies than I will ever watch in years, but yet it’s still quarantine. No jail time, rather innovation time. We’re bombarded with ideas on how to keep those kids busy and yet in thirty minutes, we’re searching for another set of concepts. I’m here for you. This granny has her Mary Poppin’s bag of tricks.

For 15 years my husband and I lived on a farm where we’re so far out the stop signs say WHOA! No, not literally, but in a town of 81 people, Montreal Missouri is as “Little House on the Prairie” you can get. When we moved there, we were on a “party line.” You youngins gotta Google that one. And our TV only had one channel for several years until we could afford an antenna. This is not to say oh “poor Deena,” rather say when you have four kids at home all day every day (we homeschooled) and I understand first hand.

What’s a mom to do? And my heart goes out to moms who haven’t had the opportunity to be with your kids 24/7 and are  working outside the house “Superwoman.” We all work, but just differently.

Daily squabbles! Granny’s gotcha here. Young or old we all love to laugh. My mom had invented the laughing game. Now when you begin the game you’re so not all about laughing, because it is only implemented when there’s anger. Stand all of your kids in a line in front of a mirror. One by one they say HA! Then HAHA. Then HA HA HA. Not only does this help with counting but action begins, emotion follows. Watch how the game ends in giggles.

Running around the house drives me crazy and suddenly I’m not a happy camper. God gave me 3 daughters and one son for a reason. See if you can get everyone into sloooooow moooootion. Walking, talking, eating, everything you do is slow. The slower the better! A timer helps because then you’re insured on them sticking to it, which brings a prize at the end. FREE PLAY on a pillow. Jump on that pillow as many times as you can while the others count!

Silence is golden with kids that can write! Take one hour to not talk. Rather write down every word to communicate. Watch how you guard your tongue when you have to think before you write. And hey, writing skills count!

Stand on one foot for 3 minutes? You can’t do that? Well, most can’t but you’ve taken 30 minutes trying a fitness game. And spin in circles in the front yard till you vomit… well, not vomit. Balance a book on your head! “I bet you can’t keep it there for 5 seconds!” my daughter reminded me of her tactics. 

Time is a commodity you can’t get back. We’re suddenly forced to use time and not beg for more time. Be thankful for the special time you have with your children. Children are a blessing and not a curse. We’re the ones who set the temperament of the house.

I remember when I was with toddlers and teens in our RV in Hollywood Florida and talking to my mom on how tough it was. “I gotta get off the phone and spank some butts!” I grumpily grunted. “Just give them a love and a hug instead,” she calmly stated. Somehow I think that Granny Pat’s advice should be taken to heart. Mom’s lose it sometimes. Kids lose it sometimes. A love and a hug is time well spent. A spoon full of sugar does help the medicine go down. Grab your bag of tricks and explore opportunities to get to know your children on a brand-new level.

You know their heart better than any other person in the world, except for God. What is their love language? Pour love into the moment. You’ll see in a few months that the child is more obedient and kinder with consistency on your part. Be that mom whose kids remember as making life fun!


“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”- Mary Poppins

“You’re more important than guardians of the galaxy! You’re raising  future world changers!”-Baba Dee

Our RV times in Florida waiting for the housing market to change was one of the most creative seasons in my life. Our little RV of 400 square feet with one window AC unit, has memories only God can make. “This too shall pass,”-Granny Pat. And now I re-read my journals of back in the day and laugh with tears of joy. I made it! You can too! Be of good courage and give those kids a “love and a hug.”



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