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Pressure Is On

Hello ladies! As summer approaches the sun is full blown and so can be the continuation of acne. We talked about cleaning your pillowcases and your magic brushes, but there’s also something no one ever thinks of…all of the products you put on your face! 

When you walk into Ulta and Sephora, normally you are followed around by someone who seems to be lost prevention, but in reality, it’s an employee. Most of the woman and men that are working in the stores are salesmen/saleswoman. Some or most of them are state certified makeup artist. I imagine all of the people that work in these places have some kind of passion for makeup, but their main concern is their sales and commissions. 

Ever read the back of the bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Normally they say pairs well with the same product and the opposite bottle. There is a reason. The reason is the chemicals and ingredients that are put into the bottles pair well the ingredients in the second bottle they are telling you to pair with. 

This is exactly why Sephora and Ulta are not in your favor. No one in the world has sat down and tried all nine products they are telling you are going to clean up your face together and at once. What happened is some of the makeup has a reaction to the other ingredients actually doing exactly what you didn’t want to happen and that causes more breakouts, cause more clogged pores, and  skin irritation. 

Makeup Hack #4 

Don’t let these salespeople sucker you into spending hundreds of dollars on products from all different brands that have never been used together. I know you don’t know what to tell them, you don’t need the product or you may not have money for the product, or even you feel so cornered you don’t even want the products and have no use for them.

Try sticking to all one brand and not mixing your face with a concoction of ingredients. It will also take you ten times longer to figure out what exactly your face and body may not be agreeing with because you have so many ingredients on your face. 

My What I Use … My Opinion Matters 

Up until this last baby when my entire life was sucked out of me, I really never had a routine. I’ve noticed that I have started to get the wrinkles… yes the wrinkles of age, stress, and just lifelines. I never really knew what to use until I came across this amazing product line called Jennifer Bradley cosmetics. It’s by far the best in my opinion and here’s why. I’m actually allergic to Red 40 which happens to be in almost everything and especially in makeup. Jennifer Brandly Cosmetics is medical grade makeup and skin care that really CARES. They care about you and take extreme pride in product development. In fact, they help you pick the perfect color match and not only guarantee your perfect match but never use dyes nor bad chemicals in their line. An absolutely no animal testing, ever! All of their products are natural and they are animal cruelty-free. Not to mention they have multi-task products like a four-in-one product for foundation that is camera ready! That’s right, camera-ready foundation, concealer, SPF, and moisturizer all in ONE!

In my upcoming videos, I will show you my procedure, but it’s using all the same product line. Pick one, any one you want and believe in it. My stress point is less is more and the one company philosophy is best! If you’d like to learn more about Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics, link the link below to research on your own and make your own opinion. This line has skincare and makeup as well, most brands are one or the other.

I’m going to be your best friend … just saying

Most of the time we catch ourselves running a muck, trying to make ends meet, and finding embarrassing things happening to us with age and children. One of the most annoying things that happen to me when I go places or parties, especially anywhere in the daylight in Florida with the awesome white concrete reflecting all the flaws… is facial hair! Yup, I said it! We all have it! 

I noticed after my son I had a few stragglers and after my beautiful unicorn was born, and stole my soul, I have an abundance. I mean who as a woman can remember to pluck their beard? Hahahaha who thinks like that… I never think about it until its too late! 




Mommy Minute Makeup Hack # 5 

Go to the dollar store and buy several pairs of cheap tweezers. Obviously, keep them away from the kids, but if you keep a pair in your car, diaper bag, or even beach bag since summer is here you will never have to show up with unwanted whiskers. 

The best place to pluck the unwanted hair is in the sunlight. I do it in the school pick up line when I catch the bridge or train because that’s an all-day affair, when my kids are still sleeping in the car when I get into our driveway! Honestly, sunlight and the car mirrors will show you any facial hair that you need to get rid of. Mustache, bearded lady hairs, unibrows, or just straight devil horns. 

Here’s to hoping the hacks I have given, help shed light and a little idea of what other small simple steps you can take to start a routine and take care of yourself. 

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