Summer of Fun or Summer of Solitude?

With the looming uncertainty we are all facing, I’m sure you are wondering if this will be a summer of fun or a summer of solitude (with continued quarantine lifestyle) and the answer is most likely a little of both. It is clear that no matter what our thoughts or stance, this summer’s plans will follow a ‘new normal’, but, whatever your comfort level, summer fun is NOT cancelled!

*please note, this article is to provide information on open activities in our area. You need to determine what you feel is safe for your family at this time and be sure to follow all CDC guidelines and recommendations.

At-Home Activities 

Whether just with your own family, or with a few select friends, here are some fun at-home summer activities:

  • Water Sprinkler Hose 
  • Water Wall/Water Table
  • Slip-N-Slide
  • Water Sensory Bin
  • Bubble Guns
  • Water Balloons
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Sand sensory or search bin
  • Gardening
  • Painting/Coloring
  • Tie Dye – shirts, shoes, bags, there are so many options!
  • Dance Party
  • Movie under the stars
  • Backyard Camping

Low/No Contact Local Activities

Follow social distancing recommendations and all guidelines to enjoy these contactless and low-contact activities.

Open Indoor Activities

Here are a few Indoor activities which are currently open. Please check each locations’ specific information on current safety guidelines.

Enjoying the Museum of Discovery in Science! (photo taken Pre-Covid)

Whatever your current comfort level, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer with your family right here in South Florida! So, how are you feeling? What type of activities are you comfortable with taking your family to this summer? Let us know in the comments!


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