Tutoring & School Assistance Resource Guide

There is no doubt that whatever type of schooling you chose for your children, the ‘new normal’ will be bringing extra challenges. That is why we are here and we have you covered with resources to help you through any challenges this school year may bring.


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Creating an At-Home Workspace for Distance Learning

Here in Broward, we’re back to full time distance learning. If you’re like me, summer went by with a blur and while we talked and talked about what the solution would be for the kids this fall, it felt like little time to prepare. But, it’s not too late. Setting your kids up with a [...]

Back-to-School: Multiple Kids In A Small Space

Are you ready for the hybrid school system? Here in south Florida its official, we start the year online at home. This will be revisited at the end of October. My dining room table looks like we opened a call center!  Most of us that picked up computers last year were lucky to be able […]

School Choice | Home Schooling Expectations

Every single one of us are homeschoolers. We begin by being their teacher from day 1. So, you’ve homeschooled if you’ve taught your kid anything. It begins with “baby tricks.” What does a cow say. “moooooo” What does a dog say? “Wooof!” What does a horse say, “Wilber!” Of course for those who don’t remember […]

FTL Forum: 2020 School Year

What are your feelings on SCHOOL this Fall? Virtual, Homeschool, Face-to-face, micro-schooling, a combo? Each option presents its own sets of challenges during this difficult time and we know there is no easy answer here. Did you miss this topic on our social media? No problem! Join the conversation in the comments!   "We’ll be [...]

A Day in our Lives, Right NOW: Toddler Mom

My life has been a little turned upside down lately, as all of ours have. For me, I went from steadily working from home to unemployed in a matter of a week. So, like many of us, I have now shifted into full-time SAHM and have reintegrated myself solely into the workings of how to […]

Living through History: COVID-19 Time Capsule

This has been a trying time for all of us, and I can only imagine for those moms who have children old enough to question what is happening but still not fully understand. For the kids, this must be especially difficult and different.  A fellow mom, Natalie Long of LONG Creations, came up with a clever and […]

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