Without Rain We’d Never See Rainbows!

We can talk positive vibes and grateful attitude all day every day. Our lives can revolve around attracting good energy and blah blah blaaaah…. All that good stuff is great! As a matter of fact, it’s really the attitude we should have all the time. But let’s be real ladies, we are all human. Some days are better than others and some days, weeks or even months you just can’t figure out how you’ll get through this thing we call life. And guess what? That is okay!!!! It’s a cold world we live in. Life happens. No matter how much you try to paint sunshine and glitter unicorns for the onlookers, deep down inside only you know what your reality is. I know we all have that one friend that will throw a positive spin to anything and everything. More power to that person! Now let’s take the smiley mask off and be raw for a moment. Just because you want to vent it doesn’t mean you’re a negative Nancy. Go ahead and kick, scream, curse, run…… Do whatever you have to do to let it all out. It’s actually healthy to express your emotions and not hold it all in. Not to say that we are going to sit here and dwell on the negative things, but unfortunately, sometimes negative things do happen and it’s ok to acknowledge it.

“It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. There would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

People will only show you the highlights of their lives. Don’t try to compare yourself to what others share with you about themselves. Doing this will make you believe that something is missing or that something is wrong. Don’t let Becky’s Instagram fool you. Becky, just like you has ups and downs. At the end of the day if everything was perfect we wouldn’t work so hard to make things better! Those “negative things” that you’re facing today will get better. Express your feelings. There’s nothing wrong with feeling down every now and then. It’s normal!

rainbow with clouds isolated icon
Abstract rainbow coloured background

Did you know:

  • A rainbow is, in fact, a full circle of light. However, due to most people viewing a rainbow on the ground we only see a semi-circle or arc of the rainbow. (Talk about some full circle thinking!)

  • A rainbow is not an object, it cannot be approached or physically touched. (I know…we are all chasing that pot of gold…sorry ladies)
  • No two people see the same rainbow, in fact, even our individual eyes see slightly different rainbows. If someone appears to be standing under a rainbow you can see, they will see a different rainbow at the same angle but further away. (Cool right? Now you’re equipped for trivia night.)

Remember, without the rain, we’d never see rainbows! Rainbows hold valuable lessons from the past, promises, hopes, and dreams of a pot of gold of course. Yet let’s keep it in perspective, be real with yourself and others, and know it really is ok to be normal and express your feelings. 

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