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Moms Breastfeeding Faves

Mom’s Breastfeeding Faves

To finish off World Breastfeeding Week (and since August is National  Breastfeeding month) we’re sharing our favorite breastfeeding essentials. From what to wear and helping to build up your supply, we have you covered! All products featured are independently selected by our team. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn [...]
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<strong>Photo Credit</strong>: <em>Sarana Minick</em>, Coach and Team: Pembroke Pines Paranas

Going Beyond Being a “Good Sport”

The conduct of parents at sporting events and practices has changed with times and so has the scrutiny around good sportsmanship. We as parents or guardians have our good days and bad days. In all sports, whether it’s competitive or recreation, aggressive parents are an issue. Parents often fight with coaches and berate kids, their […]

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