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Mommy Minute Makeup: Beauty Steals to help you SAVE those DOLLAR$

Thereโ€™s really nothing wrong with trying to make ends meet. Some of us are shy about finances or where we shop for stuff, and honestly, itโ€™s no one’s business. Being that I go through tons of materials and tons of products when I have big events, I love to stock up! Here are some of […]

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Turkey Day Twists

IMAGE BY : @journeywithseattle REALITY The reality is the rest of the world is about to start their red lips and Christmas attire and us southern ladies are finally catching a breeze. Up until last week, it would be absurd to pull anything out of your closet that had a sleeve or pant leg to […]

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DIY Last Minute Halloween Makeup Hacks: Recipes Enclosed

Image by: @JourneywithSeattle As the holiday’s approach and the season of “extra” has begun I canโ€™t help but find myself drowning in life in general, but especially with taking care of myself. All the kids’ laundry will be done everyoneโ€™s stuff is always put away and yet there’s my stuff in the corner wrinkled and […]

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Mother businesswoman takes the child to school

Get It Together Mom: Avoiding the Hot Mess Express in the Car Line

You know the drill, the alarm clock goes off and the dread starts up. Getting out of the door and getting your kids off to school in time seems like an impossible task that you have to meet every day. Let’s be real mama, somedays brushing your teeth doesnโ€™t even happen let alone having a […]

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Mommy Minute Makeup Starters!

            Pressure Is On Hello ladies! As summer approaches the sun is full blown and so can be the continuation of acne. We talked about cleaning your pillowcases and your magic brushes, but thereโ€™s also something no one ever thinks of…all of the products you put on your face!  When […]

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Cleaning Up Your Act

DONโ€™T HOLD YOUR BREATH Sometimes everything just seems so overwhelming. The laundry basket is full, the floors are dirty, the kids are never satisfied, and you are just absolutely drained and exhausted. Makeup? It honestly seems unreasonable and unimaginative to find the forty-nine minutes that you think you need to get ready. It probably used […]

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