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Homeschooling (2)

School Choice | Home Schooling Expectations

Every single one of us are homeschoolers. We begin by being their teacher from day 1. So, you’ve homeschooled if you’ve taught your kid anything. It begins with “baby tricks.” What does a cow say. “moooooo” What does a dog say? “Wooof!” What does a horse say, “Wilber!” Of course for those who don’t remember […]

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FTL Forum - Blog Features (1)

FTL Forum: 2020 School Year

What are your feelings on SCHOOL this Fall? Virtual, Homeschool, Face-to-face, micro-schooling, a combo? Each option presents its own sets of challenges during this difficult time and we know there is no easy answer here. Did you miss this topic on our social media? No problem! Join the conversation in the comments!   "We’ll be [...]
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Mother businesswoman takes the child to school

Get It Together Mom: Avoiding the Hot Mess Express in the Car Line

You know the drill, the alarm clock goes off and the dread starts up. Getting out of the door and getting your kids off to school in time seems like an impossible task that you have to meet every day. Let’s be real mama, somedays brushing your teeth doesn’t even happen let alone having a […]

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