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Santa hams it up for the camera. :)

How Christmas Near the Beach Came to Be: Ho Ho OH, my Christmas Dream!

Have you ever had a dream of doing something bigger than big? My theory is that it doesn’t cost any more to dream big, so I did.  Back in 2007, my husband came to me with an idea. “Why don’t you throw a party and make it the biggest Christmas party in South Florida!” Oh, […]

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Waterproof Makeup! Swimming or Not!

Summer Lovin’ or Year ‘Round Heat Survival in Florida Welcome to the wonderful world of chasing after your children in the summer heat. I could almost swear the summer wasn’t this hot as a kid. Trying to make an impression that I had it together and looked great wasn’t nearly as hard as it is […]

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Essential Self-care for Moms

I grew up knowing about self-care because of my mother. We moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando, Florida when I was just four years old. While we made many friends that became family throughout the years our closet relatives were about four hours away. Not having family nearby made it difficult for my mom to […]

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